A classic coastal feel with fresh flavors will await guests at Turks & Caicos Cabana Grille, a new concept from Vanguard Hospitality opening this spring.

Located at The Bridges at 57th in the former Bracco World Café space, Cabana Grille will transport guests ocean-side with a casual, resort-like atmosphere perfect for unwinding.

“We’re about to serve our guests in a whole new way and we can’t wait,” said Tim Meagher, chief operating officer of Vanguard Hospitality, owners of Grille 26, Minervas in downtown Sioux Falls and Morrie’s Steakhouse.

“Think about going to an iconic, East Coast resort town and dining in a favorite spot on Main Street. That’s the kind of experience we’re creating.”

While there won’t be major construction done to the building, the space is being significantly redesigned to completely change the look and feel.

“We’re lightening it up considerably,” Meagher said. “It will feel open, airy, clean and definitely updated.”

The menu is in development but will include multiple influences, from the island flair of the Turks & Caicos namesake to Hawaii and the Caribbean.

“We recognize we’re still in the Midwest. It’s not abandoning where we’re at and who we’re serving, but it’s bringing a different experience,” Meagher said.

“It’s casual dining how Vanguard does it. Picture what you love about Grille 26 and add the outdoors.”

The bar area at Cabana Grille will be a significant focus, as well as the expansive patio.

“The outdoor seating is one of many reasons we love the location. It’s something completely unique for our portfolio,” Meagher said.

Cabana Grille plans to open this spring. The deal was made possible thanks to a tremendous working relationship with Bridges developer and manager Van Buskirk Companies.

“Working with Van Buskirk Companies to make this concept a reality has been a truly rewarding business experience,” said Michael Gjernes, Vanguard’s chief financial officer.

“They worked hand-in-hand with us to put this deal together and we look forward to growing with them for many years to come.”

Cabana Grille is an ideal addition for the Bridges, said Mike Van Buskirk, president of operations.

“Vanguard’s vision for Cabana Grille perfectly complements our vision for the Bridges,” he said.

“This will be a destination for many, a regular stop for the neighborhood and an addition that will cause people to discover and rediscover all the wonderful shopping and dining the Bridges offers.”

Cabana Grille is looking for approximately 50 employees. To inquire about opportunities, email cabanagrille@vanguardhospitality.com.

“We’re excited to share more details as we move toward opening,” Meagher said. “We can’t wait to bring this to our guests.”

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